Association Management

You deserve an exceptional community…
Let us help make it a reality.

Association Management

Exceptional service for homeowner and condominium communities

We understand what you need:

  • Keep the residents satisfied and informed
  • Manage the association within budget
  • Collect the assessments
  • Govern the community effectively
  • Build a strong sense of community

Our association management service offers communities a full set of services that provide the best people following processes based on industry best practices to develop your community to its fullest potential. The community’s potential is maximized through financial and operational excellence, and a deep sense of community sprit.

Financial Management Services

Business people discussingCarefully managing your community’s money…because every penny counts.

As a Board Member or Homeowner in a community you want to insure the financial stability of the Association.

Our Financial Management Services provide peace of mind, and included:

  1. Monthly Reporting
  2. Financial controls
  3. Accounts receivable
  4. Accounts payable
  5. Budget preparation
  6. General accounting
  7. Segregation of duties
  8. Separate bank accounts
  9. Monthly bank account reconciliation
  10. Fidelity bond

Resident Services

using mobile phoneDelighting your residents everyday…by connecting them with your community

Online resident portal and custom app available 24/7 from any device where residents can:

  1. Access and update their information
  2. Access all association governing documents
  3. Access all meeting minutes, budgets, and financials
  4. Submit a work order
  5. All association governing documents
  6. Meeting minutes, budgets, and financials
  7. Reserve amenities
  8. See the community calendar
  9. Pay online with echeck or credit card.
  10. Review account

Dedicated community manager to service any resident needs.

Violation Management Services

Couple sitting in their kitchen using laptopPutting the beauty in your community.

Covenant communities establish standards of care to keep the community beautiful. Our Violation Management service provides for consistent enforcement of the covenants with detailed records including photos that are date and time stamped.

Our process includes:

  1. Configuration based on your governing documents.
  2. Regularly scheduled inspections.
  3. Violation entered by inspectors via tablet or smartphone.
  4. Letters generated and sent electronically or through the mail with photo and violation details based on the configuration rules.

Collection Services

Statue of justiceDelivering peace of mind by improving the way delinquent accounts are collected.

We offer a proven collection process to insure that everyone pays their assessments in a timely manner in accordance with the governing documents for your community.

  1. Series of escalating notices
  2. Lien filing
  3. Civil suit
  4. Foreclosure proceedings

Resale Services

Medical recordFirst impressions are lasting…we make a good one for your community.

When a residence is sold there are important steps for the Association to complete for a smooth transition between owners. Our systems automate this process to provide a good first impression.

  1. Resale certificate processing
  2. Condominium questionnaire processing
  3. HUD questionnaire processing
  4. Welcome information

Administrative Services

Making necessary notesWe dot the “I’s” and cross the “t’s”.

Associations require numerous administrative activities to make sure proper documentation is kept in place. Our administrative services make the association transparent and visible to owners.

  1. Association meetings and notices
  2. Board meetings
  3. Record keeping
  4. Maintenance of association documents
  5. Legal counsel coordination
  6. On-site management staff hiring and oversight
  7. Bulk purchasing power
  8. Vendor oversight
  9. Reserve study coordination
  10. Correspondence
  11. Architectural control application process