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About Us

Enriching Lives Through Our Commitment to Excellent Service

Spaces is the premier property management company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, focused on customer service and maintaining a standard of excellence as set out in our mission statement and core values. We aim to enrich lives and communities by effectively providing residential real estate management solutions.

Our History

Pursuing Excellence since 2005

Spaces was founded in 2005 to manage a newly constructed condominium association in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Our founder, Andy Turner, was involved in developing and selling several more new condominium communities. The success of these communities and the need for professional management led to an expanded vision to create a professional commercial property management company focused on providing stellar service in every area of residential real estate. Through our focus on customer service and a standard of excellence, as set out in our Vision and Core Values, we’ve become the leading provider of property management services in Tuscaloosa.  Additionally, we’re nationally recognized for our third-party student housing management and development services. We have even become a go-to resource for real estate sales.

Our Services

Providing Superior customer service

Spaces is made up of four distinct departments, each focused on one area but working together to provide a superior property management customer experience.

The structure of these departments enables us to provide each service individually as needed, or we can bring the full expertise of all departments to provide a comprehensive solution from site selection, acquisition, entitlements, financing, pre-leasing, and project completion to stabilization and disposition.


Available Rentals

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